Monday, July 12, 2010

Can't Load Kernel - Private Notes

Command: 0:ad(4,a)kernel.old, then return - NOT found
0:ad(0,a)kernel.old, return - Not found

Reboot with boot only disk: choose fixit >> replace boot only cd with live system CD and reboot resulting in "error mounting".

at fixit prompt

dmesg | more

space bar, space bar

ls /dev




mount /dev/ad4s1a /mmp

ls /mnt/boot/kernel.old

 ls l /mnt/boot/kernel.old

ls l

"kernelold and kernelprevious"

cp -Rp kernel.old kernel

exit fixit

ctrl d to return to menu

eject CD

Restore old working kernel (kernel.old): Reboot and select #4 for single user mode

much bigger issue than I thought...

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